Creation that started in the city of London, Paxton London was born with distinctive signature style. With the aim to conquer the ultimate classic look for men, Paxton London will always portray a clear vision and mission about how classic casual style should be worn. We, Paxton London believe that fashion is a first impression which can make anyone have more confidence in themselves as an individual. With that in mind, we make each and every product with the thought of comfort, class, and individuality. Paxton London has the philosophy that men can choose comfort without compromising their classic representable appearance. Wear Paxton London for any occasion and feel like yourself by mix and matching it with your own individual style. Luxury we all can afford, -Paxton London.


A gentleman’s journey is to strive for constant growth into a better being and to conquer every piece of his dream. By any means, wherever it may be, one’s lifestyle is a road trip to luxury. As to accompany the exploration, Paxton London holds the pleasure to share the spirit by serving one with maximum comfort in a timeless manner. Here is to your appreciation to individual journey, here is to class.



Paxton’s Journey


Everyone has that memory of getting excited for the new, ever-changing, trend of fashion and the race to get a piece of that look. As you know, something worth having is something worth working hard for. So you express this sense by living the lifestyle of who you want to be - better yet, different look for different occasions.


So here is where we came in. Driven by the passion for class (and heaps of research), we landed in an understanding that there is still one look that never goes out of age, the simply classic look. We reckon this is the best choice of weapon for every gentleman in any respective walks of life. The look that you have seen survived eras, if not keeps coming back.


We would be the brand that serves you wearable fashion, suitable for any occasion. Our style experts made sure that the collection would allow flexibility to be paired and matched with other products to create that timeless look with no compromise to the comfort.


Having observed worldwide style for men all our lives, we are honored to bring you this brand from the very heart where gentlemen style was born that is London, England.

In 2014, we have established a strong partnership with a garment manufacturer that brought us world’s leading premium brands known for their polo collections. With the finest materials, we produced each piece in London for best quality control. We also adjoin our different artworks for you to highlight your individual style yet still be a part of Paxton gentlemen community.


We encourage you to take Paxton as your life journey mate. The fox you will find as our logo represents our commitment as your mate - an agile-minded creature with the love of exploration and overcoming challenges.


Paxton Quality

Produced with the finest materials from the factory that brought us world-class polo collections from Europe, Paxton quality is well comparable to leading premium menswear brands. The core essence of our collection is comfort. A line of products made with cotton-based fabrics that give freshness and peaceful sensation all day long. Brilliantly comfortable items for your daily pursuit of excellence, always graceful.


Why Paxton

Everyone deserves to have the lifestyle they want. We are here to grow with you and make that happen. We reckon it is only the right thing to do to share the intellectual luxury of appreciation to the timeless classic look. It is our pleasure to share this luxury with you in an affordable manner. At the end of the day, it is the elegance of having individual style that we want to share with you, not hot trends that cost a bomb.


In addition, 2% of your each purchase goes to Indonesia Mengajar, an Indonesian non-profit social movement with a full effort to participate in the intellectual life of its nation.


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